HybridNet Solution Package for Your Decentralized Energy Systems 

From metering operation to demarcation EEG, Post EEG, PPA, direct deliveries and refinement

  • Separate disclosure of electricity tax and cross-supplies
  • Separation of the PPA & EEG operation
  • Handling different operators in the wind park
  • Hydrogen generation with defunded asset
  • Energy storage operation in the wind park
Why HybridNet?

An integrated solution

With our HybridNet system, we create an integrated solution for the successful implementation of individual metering and billing concepts.

Thus, the complex requirements from redispatch and direct marketing are taken into account in the ongoing balancing and market communication in metering operation. Based on the data of the metering operation, the acteno HybridNet system delivers all information via MSCONS to the market partners.


HybridNet Overview

We realize Your HybridNet Concept Ready to Use from A to Z

Planning chain eng


We design Your HybridNet with the corresponding metering concept as You individually require it. If your requirements change, the concept grows with you.


Planning & Designing Your Measurements

In the forefront of an implementation we plan the execution of Your measurings according to Your requirements and needs


We design the implementation of HybridNet systems according to Your requirements in addition to the consideration of relevant standards and regulations. Furthermore we can perform simulations in order to e.g.

  • How does a storage at the wind park act for self-consumption reduction & PRL integration ?
  • Can a PV park be added to the existing park ?
  • With what power should an electrolyser be dimensioned to be used optimally in the park ?

Coordination of Network and Installation

We install the necessary metering & communication technology in Your parks. 

At the same time, we undertake the necessary coordination between network operators, marketers, suppliers and operators on Your behalf.

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HybridNet Management & Optimization

The HybridNet provides you with a site-wide overview of Your parks & assets.

  • Continuous recording of metering data & time series
  • Differentiation of each asset & operator
  • Definition and optimal design of your cross deliveries
  • Increase legal compliance: EEG & Electricity Tax Reporting for Your Statements
  • Integration of Your Energy Data into Your Plant Management Systems

Continuous Operating & Audit 

We provide You with the energy data as required for Your reporting obligations on the basis of metering approved for billing.

  • Differentiation of third-party quantities to various operators and additional consumers in the park such as: Charging stations, mobile phone systems and more
  • Always up to date - we keep the HybridNet up to date in order to fulfill the requirements of the BNetzA and other reporting / documentation obligations
  • Additionally: Audit by the auditor and energy manager

We are glad to be there for You

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