HybridNet for Wind

Harvest More Wind

All locations, all assets 

  • EEG / Post EEG / EEG § 51 Differentiation
  • Integration Energy Storage & H2
  • Holistic System Optimization
  • Differentiation Electricity Tax & EEG levy
  • Metering system deployment across different locations
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Starting Point:

Business as usual is not feasible anymore:

Metering according to the standard metering concept performed at the grid connection point records all energy quantities and ranks the generation quantities of the individual WTGs based on the reference yields for reporting of energy quantities.

As of 01.01.2022, differentiation is required

However, this division is often economically disadvantageous for the operators and from January 1, 2022 no longer legally compliant under EEG & electricity tax aspects.


HybridNet for Wind Parks

The actual feed-in energy and reference energy of a wind turbine is reported separately for the different grid operators. We balance the energy flows in your parks. Thus, all challenges for the future configuration of the wind park can be mastered with reliable measured values and sustainable solutions.



Solving challenges in the park

Differentiation of the Operators

One MaLo for marketing per operator/asset group

Post EEG Ready

Individual metering and Marketing

PPA Ready

Get more out of Your assets

Integration Redispatch

Data connection EIV / BTR

Integration Storage Capacity

Innovation tender & Optimization in Your Wind Park

Integration Hydrogen

Refinement for mobility sector and industry

Connection of Operation Management

Interfaces to Your systems

EEG & Stromsteuer

Rechtskonforme Nachweisführung der Energieflüsse & Reporting

Just a few steps - One solution

  • Planning

  • Metering

  • Design HybridNet

  • Optimization & Continuous System operation

A customized offer

Based on your asset topology, we will provide you with a customized offer. As long as existing load measurements can be imported, we will integrate them. Otherwise, we plan together with you the conversion & installation of load profile measurements of your assets.

Installation Metering Systems

We install the metering systems for billing, balancing and differentiation at the grid connection point and at the relevant assets.

Design of Your HybridNet system

Together with you, we design your HybridNet system according to your needs. Which cross deliveries should be allowed, and which not? Where do different operators co-exist and which assets, if any, are in PPA?

As the park changes, HybridNet grows with Your needs

At a mutually defined start date, the HybridNet system is activated together with the metering concept - the process can begin and You will obtain all the data on Your load measurements and energy flows in Your park

Interested ? Do not hesitate to talk to us.