HybridNet for SAT

Solution offering Managed Connectivity as a replacement for KA-SAT outage 

Plug and Play- Instantly back on the grid

Contact: sat-ersatz@acteno.de



Starting Point

A large-scale disruption of the European satellite Internet is restricting the operation of thousands of wind turbines in Central Europe.

At this point in time, the cause of the failure cannot yet be conclusively assessed. A cyber attack in connection with the destruction of a ground station cannot be ruled out.

It is currently unclear when the malfunction will be resolved.

The message received by us from KA-SAT describes further:

"This appears to have initially started with the KA-SAT service in Ukraine and subsequently spread across almost the entire KA-SAT coverage area," it reads. Viasat operates encrypted communications services for the U.S. military as well.






  • Solution Approach

  • Advantages

  • Proposal

  • The existing Ethernet connection between SAT Link Router and the Enercon routers is replaced 1:1.
  • The acteno SDN Connect Router is configured so that the connection can be established directly from the Enercon routers behind it.
  • Management, Update, Monitoring and MultiSim roaming connectivity is provided by acteno.
  • As soon as the KA-SAT network is available again, it is maintained as a redundant network in parallel to the LTE network.
  • Plug & Play - quick installation set-up times
  • Immediate connection to Enercon SCADA
  • Easy installation without further modification of the existing infrastructure
  • Higher availability through the use of multiple mobile networks
  • Extended availability with recurring accessibility of KA-SAT service
  • Short runtime
  • Swift availability throughout Europe
  • Individual solutions can be implemented on request
1. Hardware:

acteno provides a pre-configured SD WAN LTE Multi Sim Router
Multi Roaming SIMs
30 cm station antennas

2. Installation

The installation can be done by the operator or in coordination with acteno. The existing interface of KA-SAT is replaced 1:1. The additional configuration and settings are taken over by acteno in direct coordination with Enercon.

3. Managed Connectivity (Duration of 1 month - Monthly renewal)

acteno ensures ongoing operation as a service package. This includes upgrade, maintenance, monitoring, and the data volume for the MultiSIM.

The operator only needs a contract with acteno.

In the event of a device malfunction, acteno provides a replacement device nationwide within one business day.

Contact: sat-ersatz@acteno.de

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