Planning and Conceptual Design of Your Energy Concept

We provide You with a holistic concept approach

  • Recording & Inventory Documentation
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Simulation and design of in-house generation & storage
  • Optimal design of the metering concept
  • Optional: Individual audit by auditor

What does an optimal HybridNet Concept for Your Parks look like ? 

What makes sense and how can the concept design also be efficiently coordinated and implemented with the local network operator ?


We realize Your HybridNet from the conception, planning and metering to the balancing of all energy flows

We are a team of practitioners, entrepreneurs and scientists who work together with you to shape the paradigm shift in the energy industry.

The energy market poses considerable challenges for all parties involved, which need to be solved together.

Especially in the optimal design of metering concepts, a complete involvement of the partners is required - among others:

  • Network operators
  • Suppliers
  • Direct marketers
  • Operational managers / operators
  • Auditors

With our consulting and implementation services, we provide You with a ready-to-use realization of simple as well as complex metering concepts on the basis of the HybridNet.

Coordination with Network Operators

Integration of Commercialization

Integration of Redispatch



We review Your documentation, are on-site at Your assets and provide a conclusive inventory of complex utility sites & parks.

Simulation and Validation of Possible HybridNet Alternatives

To find the right solution for Your metering system, we simulate possible variants of the HybridNet system beforehand.

Documentation of the Metering & HybridNet Concept

Optional: audit and validation by an auditor in joint supervision

Stakeholder involvement

We provide coordination with the relevant partners 

  • Network operators
  • Suppliers
  • Direct marketers
  • Operational managers / operators
  • Auditors


Transition to the Implementation, Installation and Operation of the HybridNet System

After thorough planning, the system is put into operation and from this point on can help You keep track of Your assets and generates legally compliant metering data for You in a clear format. 


We are glad to be there for You

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Managing Partner

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