HybridNet for PV


All data under one roof



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Why HybridNet metering concept for PV?

Aggregate Your entire PV solar portfolio data and keep track of Your solar power plants with the help of our software

A complete overview of your assets gives you the ability to keep track of performance and key figures from solar systems down to the individual panel. All your data is available on the move with the mobile app.

We help you make remote connections to all your assets and devices. By bringing together additional data sources, such as weather forecasts or electricity prices, data-driven decision making becomes the new norm.

Differentiation of the operators

Post EEG Ready

PPA Ready

Integration Redispatch

Integration Storage Capacity

Integration Hydrogen

Connecting Operation Management

EEG & Electricity Tax

Just a few steps - One solution

  • Planning

  • Metering

  • Design HybridNet

  • Optimization & Continuous System Operation

A customized offer

Based on your asset topology, we will provide you with a customized offer. As long as existing load measurements can be imported, we will integrate them. Otherwise, we plan together with you the conversion & installation of load profile measurements of your assets.

Installation Metering Systems

We install the metering systems for billing, balancing and differentiation for you at the grid connection point and at the relevant assets.

Design of your HybridNet system

Together with you, we design your HybridNet system according to your needs. Which cross deliveries should be allowed, and which not? Where do different operators co-exist and which assets, if any, are in PPA?

As the park changes, HybridNet grows with your needs

At a mutually defined start date, the HybridNet system is activated together with the metering concept - the process can begin and you will obtain all the data on your load measurements and energy flows in the park

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