About us

The course for the energy supply of the future is being set now!

The volatile energy market poses new challenges for customers, suppliers, network operators, and power producers. These challenges stem from new technologies, regulatory requirements, and increased cost pressure in the electricity and gas markets. In this context, new market roles are being defined, which rely on a steadily increasing integration of processes and IT systems.

Since 2012 we are there for our customers to develop holistic energy supply concepts based on our metering operation.

We area team of practitioners, entrepreneurs and scientists that provides comprehensive and targeted advice independently at the level of IT and metering systems, market partners and end customers.

We at acteno are already working today on the solutions for the future energy networks & markets. Our solutions are already helpful and partly necessary today. One of our tasks is to collect and analyze energy data in real time. This is because energy productivity, cost and consumption control can only function if metering data is continuously collected in high resolution.

As the acteno energy team, we see it as our duty to ensure the sustainable, safe and economical use of energy for our customers. This is the only way for companies to take advantage of the strong dynamics of the energy markets to strengthen their competitiveness and actively tap into the opportunities of the energy transition for themselves on a local, regional and global level. Our customers include private and public sector companies with significant energy requirements, in particular chain stores, industry, commerce and the housing sector. Here we see the opportunity to create more transparency through analysis options in order to remove energy as a cost factor. Furthermore, we support EEG plant operators, power producers and grid operators in keeping their assets competitive.

Your direct contacts

Wolfgang Krauss

Managing Partner

Tel. +49 6221-32194-0


Dr. Ing. Joachim Schek

Project Development HybridNet

Tel. +49 6221-32194-71



Founding of acteno energy GmbH as an EXIST Startup at Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences

Implementation of first projects in industry and retail


Metering operation at the 110kV level for one of the largest wind parks in Germany


Taking over a complex, industrial metering concept for one of the largest German network operators


Connection of one of the first large storage tanks

Over the years, further storage solutions will follow for:

Industry: Peak load management

PV & Wind Parks: Captive Power Optimization


Realization of metering concept "As a Service for local network operators"

First certification of the metering concept by an auditor

Certification and Audit


We won the contract for the EU Horizon 2020 program for the industrial integration of storage systems




Metering operation is being expanded to include foreign countries: the focus is on the Czech Republic, the USA, Poland and Italy

Seit 2019

Support in the implementation of an independent network operation for general supply

ENS Energy GmbH realizes a H2 project with 35 vehicles, an electrolyser and a filling station through a successful application.


Time is running... Implementation of metering concepts for holistic demarcation of assets according to EEG & electricity tax

Management of first assets that have reached the post EEG stage

Joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance


Implementation of more than 250 energy supply concepts and bundling of competencies and technology in the "HybridNet" platform