HybridNet Module

PPA, Post EEG, EEG, electricity tax differentiation and more

We provide You with metering, concept and system for demarcation of energy quantities in the wind park. 

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Why do the energy quantities have to be demarcated ?

Your individual metering concept for the demarcation of all energy flows within Your assets & parks

The energy flows in the park must be demarcated: Cross-supplies, direct consumption, own consumption and third parties (mobile stations, electrolysers, etc.).

We deliver Your HybridNet and create a metering concept for the continuous demarcation of Your energy flows in the park based on metered data in the Metering Operator for billing.


Your Sites & Assets

Legal Framework






Just a few steps - One solution


Get in touch with us. Ideally at hand You will have a block diagram or SLD.

Step 2: Proposal & Planning

Based on Your asset topology, we will provide You with an individual offer. If existing metering can be taken over, we will integrate it. Otherwise, we plan the conversion & installation of load profile measurements together with You.

Step 3: Installation of Metering Systems

We install the metering systems for billing, balancing and demarcation for You at the grid interconnection point and at the relevant assets. 

Step 4: Design your HybridNet System

Together with You, we design Your HybridNet system according to Your needs. Which cross deliveries should be enabled, which not? Where do different operators coexist and which assets, if any, are in a PPA? 

Step 5: Coordination of Network Operator, Marketer, Auditor

You as the operator of the assets define the metering concept - we develop it according to Your needs. Depending on the concept, the metering & market locations are adapted. We take care of the coordination with the market partners and Your auditor. Optionally, You can also receive a single test certificate of Your metering concept from an auditor through us.

Operation & Continuous Optimization

At a mutually defined start date, the HybridNet system is activated with the metering concept - ready to go! And now you get all the data on your metering and energy flows in the park ready to use.

As the park changes, HybridNet grows with Your needs.

For instance, you want to supply customers directly from the wind park by means of PPAs or produce hydrogen from selected assets? 

No problem - we make your parks fit for the post EEG era!

Post EEG Ready

Less Effort & Compliance

Your Benefits

  • Less Effort

  • Legal Compliance

  • Evolves with Your Park

  • Your data & Your control

  • We balance all metered energy flows every 15 minutes
  • Reporting/ Recording for documentation of EEG & electricity tax quantities
  • The HybridNet System is approved by BAFA as an Energy Management System for subsidies
  • Optionally, an individual audit can be carried out additionally by the auditor
  • Change in the structure of Your park grow with the system
  • All parks & assets in one system as an additional database for your commercial and technical operations management
  • Ensuring data processing in Germany

FAQ & Background

What does simultaneity mean ?

  • The BNetzA guideline has specified the requirements of simultaneity - according to this: "A measurement of the actual generation and actual consumption in conformity with metering and calibration law, related to each 15-minute interval".
  • Our load profile metering is designed in compliance with calibration regulations and records the energy quantities in the 5-minute interval for the active energy purchase, active energy supply, as well as the reactive energy in the respective quadrants Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4.


Who is affected?

  • All self-generators and users of the Special Equalization Scheme for EEG reporting.
  • Electricity quantities must therefore be recorded in accordance with Section 62b (1) EEG 2021 and, in certain cases, differentiated from one another. This recording and differentiation must be carried out by means of metering devices that comply with metering and calibration law.

Relevant Documents and Laws

Interested ? Do not hesitate to talk to us.